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About The Trade Finder

The Trade Finder is one of the top-rated online business directories in the UK. We are a long-established name in the field working for several years and offering a platform to users and businesses to connect with each other. We help our customers to find the services they are looking for in a specific region, while the businesses listed with us get enhanced online presence, increased lead generation, and better reach amongst potential customers through our platform.

With the increased usage and popularity of the Internet and digital platforms across the globe, more and more people are shifting to online platforms to find and connect with numerous businesses. Quite naturally, a platform like The Trade Finder is widely appreciated all across the UK. We are amongst the top 100,000 websites in the UK and both users and businesses across the country love The Trade Finder for a variety of reasons.

We understand that there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a certain service provider. Quite naturally, making the right choice is difficult for users. This is where Trade Finder is the perfect platform for you. When it comes to finding a local restaurant or a reliable plumber or any other services, The Trade Finder offers the best of everything all in one place. Is it not convenient to find the best solutions without having to go around and being able to do it from the comforts of your home?

Yes, it is possible and The Trade Finder has got you covered.

How The Trade Finder Works?

The Trade Finder is a platform that works both ways for a customer and a business. Through The Trade Finder, any customer can connect with a suitable business that offers the service they are looking for. At the same time, the businesses listed on our platform also earn a potential lead and a chance to make a sale by connecting with such a customer who is actually looking for the services they offer.

Not just that, the searches are location-based and you are matched with a list of businesses based on your preferred or current location, which can be anywhere in the UK. We have a long list of local businesses listed with us all across the UK and this huge resource of local business listings makes us the ideal platform for our customers.

On our free business directory, all you have to do is simply search for the kind of service or product you need in your local area. As soon as you make a search, you will get a long list of the best service providers that offer what you are looking for at your preferred location. To enable this functionality and help you match with the most appropriate businesses when we have so many businesses listed with us, we have built high-capable and systematic filters that will sort the results based on your requirements as well as by relevance, location and ratings of the business. This enables users to find the best options available in their local market.

All that can be done through a simple search in just a matter of a few seconds! Amazing isn’t it?

What We Offer To Businesses?

The Trade Finder does not only think about the perspective of a customer. While enabling maximum convenience for our users, we have also put in extra efforts to deliver the best returns on investments made by businesses listed on The Trade Finder. We are a reputed, popular and long established business directory in the UK that can help businesses grow exponentially, magnify their brand recognition and customer reach while helping brands connect with potential customers to earn revenue.

Listing with us can be an extremely profitable decision for your business and can pave the way to success for your brand. This is primarily for the several key advantages we offer. Needless to say, we are different from other online business directories in the UK and we will talk about that later. Right now, we will tell you what exclusive features we offer to businesses listed with us and why so many local businesses, as well as top brands, have chosen to list on The Trade Finder.

What Makes Us Stand Apart As A Online Business Directory in The UK?

When it comes to being the best online business directory in the UK, we make sure that all aspects are covered. From offering excellent pricing for listing to free usage for users, we provide it all. There is a range of other features which include:

  1. A backlink to your website helps the audience know about your business and services. It also enhances your search engine rankings.
  2.  A business description and the products or services you provide.
  3.  A thumbnail and shop window image of your site.
  4. A Google map thumbnail.
  5. A highlighted entry for your business in our directory.
  6. A Featured Listing is displayed on our homepage.
  7. With a paid listing, you can also post articles about your business.
  8. You can also upload your own images.

Increased possibilities of attracting more visitors and better visibility in keyword searches on search engines.

Customer reviews and ratings directly from the people who have used your services. This helps you to enhance your business image and reputation in the target market.

Not just that, if it comes to summing up the reasons why we hold a record of receiving over 1000 entries every month, here are some of them.

Top Rated Business Directory

When listing on a directory, you would obviously look for a platform that can be the right one to offer the advertisement and reach you are looking for. The Trade Finder is just what you need with numerous people visiting the platform on a daily basis to search for a variety of services across the UK.


You don’t necessarily have to be a tradesman to join The Trade Finder. We can accommodate pretty much all kinds of businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers as well as individual professionals. Be it an accountant or a licensed pet shop, The Trade Finder can create a listing that your business needs.

Comprehensive Information To Customers 

We make sure that the customer gets all the info they need to connect with your business and also to understand the kind and quality of services you offer. From the features listed above to other additional information like facilities, opening times, payment methods, directions, website links, photos, videos, and business reviews, customers can get complete information about a business.


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